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Posted By Csalute on Dec 30, 2019 | 0 comments

I am so prideful

N That’s okay has been long overdue, and it took getting to rock bottom for me to realize that. Here’s the backstory.

A few weeks ago, I was in a rut and mentally lost. My days became a routine, I would wake up, go to uni and return straight home after classes. I would later go onto youtube and procrastinate for hours until it was midnight. I only did all my school work because I knew I had to. Everything felt pointless and dull, and for a while, I even blamed it on the uni I went to. I thought that it was because I didn’t belong, and that was why I felt so unsettled. It was only when I stopped by Christopher Salute’s, a mentor of mines, office that I opened pandora’s box.

It started with a simple question, “Hey, How have you been?” Truth be told, I couldn’t even answer that. I did not know. 30 minutes later, I knew. The 2 biggest takeaways from that conversation were:

*The name “N That’s Okay” was derived from the same convo because of the countless times Chris had repeated the phrase.

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