SKATO: A Step Closer to Achieving Your Dream Grades!


Studying can be a headache, but have you tried using SKATO? This amazing studying tip helps prepare students for presentations, papers, and projects. Find out how SKATO can help you today.

4.0 SZN

SKATO stems from the acronym KSAO which stands for: knowledge, skills, abilities, traits, and other variables. The acronym originated as a way to help job-seekers select the correct candidate. Recruitment personnels use KSAOs as a guideline to help rate and also narrow down potential employees. Here at Aider Solutions, we switched up this famous acronym and decided to create our own. SKATO stands for: skills, knowledge, abilities, traits, and other variables. SKATO is designed to help students during history/english projects, papers, and projects. This studying tool is successful in helping students prepare for whichever assignment comes their way.

Skills: When analyzing characters or public figures, what skills do you notice? Are they good at building things, or can they solve an equation within seconds? When are they most successful? It is when they focus, or when they are forced to think on the spot? Does the character(s) articulate well in front of a crowd of people, or are they more of an introvert? What do they do for work? Do they have an educational background…what topics interest them? When analyzing  characters, it is important to know the qualifications they have. Knowing skills helps the reader understand what makes the character rise, versus when they are troubled.

Knowledge: Now that you have analyzed the skills of the character(s), it’s time to write down everything you know. For example, if you are writing a paper based on the book assigned in your English class, write down the things you have knowledge about. This is not only limited to the characters but plot, resolution, conflict, setting, themes, and etc. Organizing this piece of information will help the student create an outline for their paper or presentation. After listing all the information that is known, it is time to ask questions. What confuses you? Is there something that does not add up?Before moving to the next step, make sure to re-read and answer all questions.

Abilities: Abilities go hand in hand with skills. When analyzing a character(s), make sure to know their abilities as well. For example, the protagonist may be an engineer. This is a skill that is acquired, but their ability to perform may not be as good as their co-worker. Abilities detail how well the protagonist performs their skill.

Traits: Is the main character the good or bad guy? Are they caring, or selfish? Is he/she a hard-worker, or would they rather spend their time sleeping? Knowing the traits of every character(s) is very helpful. This helps set them apart from everyone else. Create a spreadsheet for the main character(s) and list each trait discovered throughout your readings.

Other Variables: Last step. Other variables. So, what did you pick up from your readings? Did the book leave you satisfied or guessing? Use this space as an opportunity to write down your last thoughts and anything you may have forgotten to jot down before.

In a nutshell, the purpose of SKATO is to help students create an outline to work with for any presentation, paper, or exam. Give this studying tip a shot on your next major project and get closer to reaching your 4.0 this semester.

Interview Tips: Can You Pass the Lunch Test?

Can You Pass the Lunch Test?

Do your interviews feel scripted…maybe you sound like a robot. Oh wait, I found your problem! Maybe you are too focus on pointing out all your accomplishments, instead of actually talking about yourself. Yes, I see your 3.9 GPA…but can you pass the lunch test?

tell me about yourself

Scenario: You walk into an interview and the first thing said to you is…

“So, tell me a little bit about yourself. It looks like you have all of the qualifications we are looking for, but I want to know more about you. What do you like to do for fun? Do you like traveling? Are involved in a book club or enjoy watching football on the weekends? Are you someone I would like to have lunch with? I see that you have a 3.9 GPA…but there has to be more. We are both ordinary people. You don’t have to answer my questions with the script you made last night. So, I ask this again…tell me a little bit about yourself.”

Well, what will be your response? Will you open up, or refer back to your GPA and community service hours? It is important for your interview to be memorable and better yet, pass the lunch test.

Now, we all know that the chances of an interview going like that is 1 in a million. An interviewer probably won’t be so straight forward and most of the talking comes from you. Remember, you don’t have to restate your whole resume. Most likely, it was already reviewed and that is the reason why you are sitting in the room. It is now your time to show what makes you different from everyone else. Let positive energy flow into the room and let the interviewer know a bit of your personality.

This isn’t the easiest thing to do, but with practice comes change. Learn how to talk about things other than your qualifications. For example, referring back to the question earlier. When an interviewer asks you “tell me about yourself” that’s exactly what you should do. Be comfortable, talk about your traveling experiences, favorite sports team, and what you like to do in your spare time. They truly want to know characteristics about you that are not written down on a piece of paper. Would you be someone they could grab lunch with, or an employee they avoid in the break-room.

An interview should always remain professional, but you should not sound like a robot. Loosen up, the person across from you is a normal… just like you. Talk about your life. Look at each question as a way to talk about something that is personal to you. An interviewer knows what you can bring to the table, but they want to know how you will interact with others in a professional setting. They cannot test this if you don’t open up. Don’t be afraid to let your personality out a bit. Tell jokes. Let out all your aspirations in life. Passing the lunch test shows that you’re an interactive, professional, and a memorable candidate! It also shows that you’re someone that won’t just be an employee, but friends to many. Be confident in every question you answer. Make eye contact, and most importantly, pass that lunch test!


Owning a Business With a 9-5

Boss With a 9-5

Are you a entrepreneur? Has your new business not taken off like you thought it would? Working for yourself isn’t a breeze, but preparation and discipline are essential.

it takes hard work

Yes, a boss with a 9-5…. that’s life. Unless, of course, you’re born into money or get lucky. Let’s face it, most of the successful people in the world today worked a 9-5 before. There are many stories about celebrities who came from the bottom and worked their way to the top. The important fact is that they reaped what they sowed at the end of the day. Having a normal job doesn’t make you less successful. Good things come to those who wait. Life does not just fall together within the snap of your fingers, it takes patience and dedication.

We live in a world where everyone wants everything now. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to have dreams and goals but everyone needs plan B. If you want to build your own business, that’s fine…but how are you going to work your way up to the top? Think about it, starting a business requires money. Whether you are going to rent out a place or set it up online. How will you make the money required to start the first step? Yes, you can take out a loan but remember that’s something you’ll soon have to pay back. Since you cannot look into the future what will you do if your business is not successful at first? How will you pay the bills or have enough money to take care of yourself? That’s where your 9-5 needs to come in my friend.

Now, there is an ideal way to be a worker and businessman/woman at the same time. No, it’s not easy, but this way will ensure you have some type of income. So, whatever your 9-5 may be, continue to work in that area regardless of your circumstance. Yes, I know this may not be your dream job but remember, we’re working our way to the top. While you’re working your 9-5, find ways to market your business. Before your product even launches, you should have multiple social media outlets along with a website to promote your business. This helps makes potential customers curious and also very excited for the launch. You can even set have free samples for people to try before the product releases. Networking is very important. Meet people who support your vision and will possibly collaborate with or sponsor you. This should all be done prior to the start of the business.

Budgeting is very important when it comes to starting your business. You should always make sure you have enough money to pay for your essentials before placing it somewhere else. This is why it’s always good to have a job. This is a guaranteed source of income for your pockets. Even if you decide to take out a loan, you will more comfortable when paying it back. Business always comes with trials and errors. Don’t be afraid to fail or reach out for help. Remember having a 9-5 doesn’t mean you are not successful. You have to fight for what you want in life but do it with conscious planning. Everything doesn’t go perfectly in the beginning but this is only a learning experience that helps you grow. Always have a plan, execute it, and find ways to improve.

Love and Hate Relationship with Mondays

New Week, New Challenges, Stronger You

Get rid of those Monday blues and let this be your greatest week yet! Energize your mind, body, and spirit. Take in those positive affirmations and continue to work toward your goals.

Wake Up!

Wake up, wake up, it is time to start the week again! Get out of bed, meditate, eat breakfast, and get your day started. A new week always provides new opportunities. Whether you need to scratch an item off your list or do something new. Maybe your plans went wrong last week or you did not reach your target goal. That is okay, because this week you will walk right into your goals…even surpass them. The only thing is, you have to get up!

Monday blues…I know, we all get them. Your weekend was too perfect but it’s time to go to work again. Or maybe your weekend wasn’t too great and you just need an extra day to relax. We have all been there. The weekend provides time for us to unwind, catch up, and gather notes on how our week went. The only problem is…the weekend doesn’t last forever, so our time has to be spent wisely. Although you probably cannot do everything you want, make sure to have some time to relax. Put all your distractions to the side and focus on yourself. Whether you go to the movies, watch Netflix, or eat your favorite ice cream. This really helps ease your stress and take away some of your worries.

Friday, Saturday…Sunday. What can you do to prepare yourself for the week? Actually, a lot can be done. I always like to see Sundays as a rest day. Out of all the days in the week, Sunday is the best day to organize. Bring out your calendar and plan your week out accordingly. Meal prep is if you must and set your goals for the new week. Sunday is the perfect day to reflect. Think about what went wrong with last week and more importantly how to make everything better. Explore new ways and ideas to push yourself this week! Always think of the bigger picture! Where you are at today is not compared to all the dreams you have for your future. How can you make this week’s activities closer to reaching those goals?

Yay, it’s finally Monday! You are refreshed and have a clear, open mind. It is time to get one step closer to your goals. Do NOT snooze your alarm clock or toss around in bed, get up. Look at your calendar you fixed last night and start crossing items off your list. You are your biggest enemy and distraction. Do NOT be discouraged. Sometimes life has its way of hitting us hard but the most important aspect is your comeback. Nobody remembers how you fall, what’s more important is your next step. Dust your shoulders off and run into the new week! Good things lie ahead of you, get up and claim it!

Happiness – Don’t Forget to Smile

What Makes You Smile?

What can I say right now that will make you smile? Could it be a joke, old picture, or an embarrassing memory? No matter what it takes, it is important to always smile regardless of what you are going through. Happiness brings peace, which helps us remain balanced in life.

Happiness Comes From Within

No…I am not saying everything will be okay everyday but it is important to remember the things that make you smile. What are you fighting for? Where did you start from and where are you now? What is the rough day you had compared to some of the most difficult situations you faced in life? Exactly, so smile. Even though today may not be great, remember that tomorrow brings in new opportunity. Take a nap. Buy your favorite ice cream. Go for a run. Keep your mind aligned with things that are positive. Remember what makes you smile.

Have you ever noticed one of your loved ones having a bad day? What did you do to cheer them up? Did you just try talking to them by taking their mind off the subject? Did you notice when they finally started to smile and wipe their tears away…so, how did that make you feel? No one wants to see the people that they love in a bad mood, now think about yourself. The time you spend cheering other people up, do you use the same energy to make sure you are happy? It is important to protect your peace so do not forget about yourself. Make sure you have the opportunity to smile instead of acquiring stress. Tell jokes in your head, watch your favorite shows, and let positivity reign in your life.

What actually happens when you spend all day worrying? Think about it for a second… exactly, nothing. We are humans of course, I know we are not going to be happy all the time, but what good comes out of being sad or angry? It only takes up time and ends up hurting the people around us. Anger does not last a lifetime, but happiness does. It is better to be happy and spread joy to the people around you instead of bringing them down with you. So, if you are having a bad day, it is okay to have that moment to yourself but just make sure it does not last a lifetime. It will only discourage you and how far you have come. Breathe in, breathe out, and relax.

I ask again: What makes you smile? Take a piece of paper, jot some things down, and keep it close to your heart. Nobody’s life is perfect so remember the good things before you complain. Money cannot buy happiness or love. Yes, it is crucial to get your feelings across to people but it is not good to dwell in your thoughts. This will only limit you from your goals and tear you apart from the people that love you. Your anger will not make things magically get better but your laughter will bring joy.

Life Begins On the Other Side of Fear

Eh, Not for Me.

Sometimes we decide to follow a path that leaves us feeling lost at the end. The good thing about life is that it’s never too late to go back, revamp, and start all over. As long as we breathe, there will always be a purpose in our life. Remember…life begins on the other side of fear.

Perseverance is Key

So…you’ve reached a point. You just graduated from school and received your B.S. in Kinesiology…but right when you walk across that stage, you finally admit that you’re not happy. Or maybe you felt like you wanted to go to Occupational Therapy School but once you were already in the last semester of your program… realize it’s not for you.  Wait! There’s another scenario. Maybe you never wanted to major in Kinesiology…but at the same time never had a clue what you wanted to do with your life. The counseling didn’t work, nor did all the standardized tests, or the countless number of times you went to the career center. So, you just settled and ended up unhappy.

So…you’re here. You have your diploma, and everyone was there to celebrate your success. You eventually go back to your hometown and of course everyone asks you what your next plans are, but you don’t know how to confess how trapped you feel. How could you possibly tell your parents you went through four years of undergrad and suddenly decided you’d rather be in Marketing then see another A&P test. Well, the step step  starts with you.

Post grad stress brings a lot of burden but it can also be helpful at times. Getting your Bachelor’s degree doesn’t necessarily tie you down to a career path, but in other ways, helps you figure out the things you like, versus the things you don’t like.


Maybe all your life, you thought you were going to be a doctor, but after receiving your degree, you realize how much you love writing. This isn’t bad at all, it’s more so of an eye opener. In life, we often have to go through certain trials to learn what’s best for us. Your B.S. will always be there, but maybe it’s time for you to turn over a new leaf.

So you ask, how does the change begin? Change starts from acceptance. You have to accept the fact that your interest lies in another area. This may be hard because you feel like you’re going to disappoint to your parents or friends. They may have bragged about you going to law school or dentistry but you can’t live your dreams through other people. Once you’ve accepted change, the real work can finally begin. The next thing to do is explore your passions. Find out what makes you happy and expand in that area. Join local clubs, meet advisors, take classes, and seek internships in the field. It doesn’t matter if they’re paid or unpaid, this is simply for the experience. Once you gain knowledge in this area, you can determine if you would like to pursue a career or explore other options.

It’s very important to realize that things aren’t as easy as they seem. Most of the times, your passion will not pay the bills immediately. The good news is, you still have a degree you can work with. Working with your degree doesn’t mean you’ll have the career forever. This is just a way to help your expenses such as food, water, rent, and other life necessities for the time being. Continue to let your passion shine through your work, but also be reasonable with yourself.

It’s truly never too late to start over again. As long as you’re living and in good health, each day presents a new opportunity. Turning over a new leaf takes confidence and you have to believe in yourself.  Remember…focus on your goals! Life is not a competition at all! It’s okay to take some time away to explore new opportunities or ideas. Don’t compare your situation to anyone else. This journey may not be easy, but following your passion truly brings genuine  joy.

Direct Cellars- Have Wine Delivered to Your Doorsteps Every Month!

We Love Wine

Are you a wine connoisseur? Well, what if i told you that there’s a way to have new selections of wines delivered to your doorstep every month? Oh…do I have your attention now? Well, let’s learn more about Direct Cellars.

Direct Cellars

Wine is truly calming for any occasion! Girls night, parties, gatherings, or even to help celebrate a test score! Direct Cellars is here to help deliver to your wine needs, regardless of the celebration. Founded in 2014, the mission of Direct Cellars is to provide incredible services for our customers which allows them to enjoy new wines without leaving the comfort of their homes. With offices in Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, and Settle, Direct Cellars is rapidly growing and we would love to have you be a part of the family.

So, how do you sign up to be in one of the top Premier Wine Clubs in the country? Follow these steps:

Step 1- Tell us where you’re from!
  • This way we can make sure our shipments are provided in your area! We cannot ship to P.O. boxes; a physical address must be provided for wine shipments.
Step 2- Pick Your Favorite Package
  • We have four different packages for you to choose from! Let us know how much wine will meet your needs, and of course, we will always deliver!
Elite Level:
  • The Elite Level package includes 12  bottles of wine which are valued at $250! This also provides a business service package and gives membership into our Premium Elite Case Club that gives a 40% discount on all future wine orders! Our Elite Level is valued for over $750 but for our customers there’s just a one-time payment of $450! After this payment, customers will pay $79.95 monthly for four bottles of wine!
Social Level:
  • Our Social package starts with a one-time payment of $249 which includes 4 bottles of wine, a business service package, and membership into our Premium Elite Case Club! The Premium Elite Case Club gives our members 20% off all future wine orders. Monthly payments for the Social Level will be $79.95 which provides 4 bottles of wine delivered to your doorstep every month!
Club 4:
  • This package gives our members four bottles of wine for a monthly payment of $79.95. This package also includes an optional 20% off Case Club for $50 or 40% off Case Club for $100.
Club 2:
  • Our Club 2 package gives our members two bottles of wine for $49.95 monthly. This package also has the option of 20% off Case Club for $50 or 40% off Case Club for $100!

-Our services here at Direct Cellars also offers a non-product business services package!

Step 3- Tell Us What to Send!
  • The next step is choosing which wines you want delivered to your doorstep! Our services make sure our customers are always up to date with the latest products! Members have the choice of choosing from either red, white, or a combination of both wines. There will always be something new to try and you will never be disappointed!
Step 4,5, and 6- Shipment, Verification, & Order Placement
  • We are finally at the last stage! The only thing left to do is tell us where we’re shipping your new selection of wines too! After becoming a member, this step becomes even easier! We provide all members with an ID which creates a login for our website and saves previous shipment information!

Our promise is to provide quality wines for our customers each month. We choose from the finest wines in the country and provide them for our customers below the retail price! If you don’t like our selection, our customers always receive full credit for another wine choice with no additional cost! Here at Direct Cellars, you will never have to drive for wine again, because it’s only a doorbell away!

Aider Solutions – In With the New


Check out our latest editions and updates to Aider Solutions!

out with the old

Aider Solutions is very excited to introduce some of our new features and updates to the site! As we all know, Aider Solutions is one of the many websites owned by Bold Media Inc. As we all know, Aider Solutions is our consulting firm that specializes in helping our clients with recruitment, training, strategy, and assessment. These great updates introduce new features for our users that help make our site more accessible and handy for those looking for the right resources!


One of our updates include a Media/News section. We’ve created this space to help our users keep in touch with all news relevant in the areas our firm specializes in. Sometimes we may miss topics that can be helpful to us because we’re business or just forgot to check the news during the day. It’s important to be aware of the major issues, successes, or new ideas that focus with your area of work. This way, you won’t be behind or miss a new opportunity at the door. This section will be used to broadcast relating news to our users and will help them stay ahead of the game!


Introducing our testimonial page to…Aider Solutions! Who doesn’t love testimonials! Testimonials are used to ensure that clients can trust and invest in whoever they choose to make business with. For our clients, is this a great way to leave feedback to any service you have received from Aider Solutions. To our potential clients, this is an awesome way for you to explore all our work and can answer some of the questions you may have! Our testimonial section is a way to introduce our services and show everyone the phenomenal work we offer!

Academic Coaching/Tutoring

Do you need a tutor for a class or major exam you’ve been studying for? Well, yes, you’ve guessed it right! Tutoring is now offered on our site! Whether you’re looking for help with your SAT or the final in your PSYC class…we do almost everything! School can be a challenge at times, but everything is possible with the correct help and guidance. Our tutoring program focuses on hitting the problem area of our clients and working one-on-one to help ensure success. We also help teach amazing study skills that help prepare our clients for any exam that comes their way!

Profile Page Updates

Have you created a profile page with Aider Solutions? If not, it’s time to get started! We have new descriptions that help first time users create a profile with no problem! There are also tons of new features to add to your profile such as: YouTube Pages, Certifications, Blogs, Volunteer Work, and etc.! Customizing your profile helps us find the best job for you! These new updates and features will help us enhance our services for our clients.


So…why haven’t you seen the new and improved Aider Solutions site? It’s only a click away! There are so many incredible things for you to check out. Remember, at Aider Solutions we’re here to help!

Introducing Jozii – A New Way to Help Score Your Next Internship

Introducing Jozii

Looking for a new site to help with your internship searches? Do you need a great new place to network? Well…look no further of course,  Jozii is finally here!

The New Wave to Find Internships

Bold Media Inc. is happy to announce the purchase of our new website – Jozii! For an undisclosed amount, Bold Media Inc. now owns all the rights and privileges to the brand Jozii! The website will be partnering with Aider Solutions to help students make their internship searches more easier! The purpose of Jozii is to ultimately help students find a part-time internship that best suits their needs! Currently, the brand is transforming the college recruitment market by expanding the opportunities and ways to network for students around the globe!

Aider Solutions is our consulting firm that specializes in helping our clients with recruitment, training, strategy, and assessment. Our strategy client areas include: education, banking, technology, consumer brands, and start-ups! Recruitment client specialties include: sale teams, undergraduate/ graduate interns, and industrial organizational psychologists. Aider Solutions partnership with Jozii will only ensure more success in the area of recruitment for students seeking internships at a professional level. Our internships help students grow and learn more about the field which they will potentially seek employment for in the near future.

Our main website, Bold Media Inc. is an interweb conglomerate that consists of 15 different websites which include both Aider Solutions and Jozii. Though Bold Media Inc. does own its own websites, it also specializes in helping others build theirs. Bold Media Inc. is the expert of all topics but also focuses on e-commerce, social media consulting, search engine marketing and third party-commerce optimization.

Students and interns can expect much to come from Jozii and Aider Solutions! With the current partnership formed, there will be tons of resources available for students who need guidance through and after college. Internship opportunities will also be available for students looking for their dream jobs but would like some experience in the area beforehand! Remember, the purpose of our recruitment is to help make it easier for students to find internships that will give them the skills and experience needed for future professions!