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Aider Solutions is owned and operated by Dr. Christopher Salute.

Christopher Salute, Aider Solutions Christopher Salute is a Professor and Business Development at His top three specialties include organizational change, market research, and digital marketing. Salute spent his career in banking, advertising, and e-commerce, working with firms like Yahoo! Inc., eBay, and He has an earned Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with Minors in Business, Writing, and Communications from Siena College. His MBA in Management was earned at Molloy College. Salute completed his Ph.D. in Applied Organizational Psychology at Hofstra University. Read more at

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Mah’moud Wazihullah – Chief Consultant

Wazi is an Assistant Professor at Mercy College in Manhattan, NY. Formerly of BosWazi, Aider Solutionston Consulting Group, Wazi’s top three specialties are Strategy, Business Process Re-engineering, and User Acquisition. He has two earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Business and Engineering  from University of Pennsylvania/The Wharton School of Business. His MBA in Management is from Stanford University. Wazi has owned and sold over three successful entrepreneurial ventures. Read more at


Meredith McCaslin – Consultant

Meredith McCaslin has been an operations, sales, and fundraising expert in multiple, arenas: from professional athletics to non-profits to educational systems. She has conducted thousands of interviews, speaking engagements, fundraising events, etc. Her specialties include job-readiness, sales and marketing, and community engagement. She began her career with the Orlando Magic and moved on to the US Open. For years, she has recently spent her time with non-profits and has most recently taken a role as the Director of Advancement for The Knox School in New York. Her B.S. in Sports Management is from the State University of New York at Cortland.


Kyle Tieman – Assistant Consultant

Kyle Tieman is a Business Honors student at Mercy College, where he Majors in finance. He is also the Director of sales at Jozii, and an Executive Assistant at Waterstop Carts. His three specialties include sales, internship propagation, and job readiness.








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