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Expire date: 2018-10-18
Developed Narrative Are you ready to RISE UP?? Self-love mentor and wellness advocate Sarah Sapora is out to revolutionize the personal growth and wellness industry and make it a body-inclusive safe space for ALL. As a plus size woman on a wellness journey, Sarah creates community online and offline for persons of all shapes and sizes who long to live a happier and healthier life without the pressure of twisted (and ineffective) diet-culture. If you are interested in the personal growth space, yoga and wellness, and appreciate/have an understanding of body-inclusivity, then this is a great way to mesh your passion and purpose. Developed Narrative Inc is seeking a Marketing Assistant to work with Sarah Sapora and her various brands, including, but not limited to, her Body + Love Workshop event, "Rising Up" app, and Rise Up With Sarah membership group. This Marketing Assistant, will support Sarah in creative and…


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